Cutting Edge Creation Together! [Tied Together by Sound: People and Environment, Can You Hear the “Voice” of Nature?]<Venue: Miraikan>

  • 2018-01-28 ~ 2018-01-28

Our daily lives are filled with sound. How carefully are you listening? What can we learn from observing sound from distant, inaccessible places?

At the Center for Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo, they are developing monitoring systems to detect background sound from the natural world. This event sees the use of the in-development system to highlight natural sounds that you may never have heard. The experiment will reveal exactly what we can and can’t hear.

Date: Sunday January 28th 2018

Times: ①11:00–11:30 ②12:30–13:00 ③14:30–15:00 ④16:00–16:30

*Admission based on numbered ticket system

*Numbered tickets will be handed out from the 5F Small Studio from 10:00. A limited number is available.

Venue: Miraikan, 5F Seminar Room

For: Elementary school 4th grade pupils and above

Capacity: 15

For more details please visit the organizer’s website.

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    2018-01-28 ~ 2018-01-28
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