Future Family Project: Thinking About Family to Create A Society for Everyone<Venue: Miraikan>

  • 2018-01-27 ~ 2018-01-27

The “Future Family Project” started at Miraikan in 2015. Since then, it has contributed to discussion relating to how we can create a society that is inclusive and beneficial to everyone, by thinking about the nature and composition of families. Past themes have included genome modification of fertilised eggs, antenatal examination, and assisted reproductive technology.

At this talk event, Kaori Muto, an assisted reproductive technology and hereditary disease researcher, will introduce the bioethics and human rights issues surrounding such technologies. The talk will also reflect on the past achievements of the “Future Family Project”, and touch upon why the subject engenders conflict and feelings of unease, as well as the future of families.

Date: Saturday January 27th 2018

Time: 13:30–15:30

Venue: Miraikan, 7F, Saturn Conference Room

Capacity: 80

Admission: Free of charge

For more details, please visit the organizer’s website.

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    2018-01-27 ~ 2018-01-27
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