Cyclo Cross Tokyo 2018 <Venue: Odaibakaihin Park>

  • 2018-02-10 ~ 2018-02-11

Race! Strive! Leap!

The 7th edition of Cyclo Cross Tokyo comes to Odaiba!

This winter cycling race includes paved and unpaved track and an obstacle course. The popularity of cycling is surging — as health-minded people get involved, and the number of cycling competitors goes up and up. The biggest event in Japan’s cyclocross calendar is Cyclo Cross Tokyo.

The importance of the race lies in the fact that it determines the overall men’s and women’s champions from those who have participated in November’s top category JCX series race. Japan’s top cyclocrossers put their power and technique to the test in this gripping race. Who will emerge as champion?

Don’t miss the elite women’s race starting at 13:15, nor the elite men’s race starting at 14:05 on February 11th 2018!

We are also taking applications for those who want to participate in the Odaiba beach dash.

Entries will be accepted from Thursday December 21st, and the deadline for applications will be Thursday January 25th 2018. The most popular classes quickly fill up, so don’t forget!

Whether you are joining in, or cheering from the sidelines, we look forward to seeing you on February 10th and 11th at the Odaibakaihin Park!

Dates: Saturday February 10th – Sunday February 11th 2018

Venue: Odaibakaihin Park

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Event Information
  • Period
    2018-02-10 ~ 2018-02-11
  • Location
    Odaibakaihin Park

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