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Toyota Driver Communication [Senior Course]<Venue: MEGA WEB> 

Toyota’s Accessible Driving School: Senior Course Friendly advice on a one-to-one basis for all driv..MORE

Leisure / MEGA WEB

Odaiba Beach Club <Venue: Odaibakaihin Park> 

Enjoy surfing, giant bubble blowing, shoe launching competitions and more… This event is jam-packed ..MORE

Leisure / Odaibakaihin Park

33rd Tokyo Industries Exchange Group: Combined Exchange Meeting <Venue: AIST Tokyo Waterfront> 

The Combined Exchange Meeting is an opportunity for all group members to gather and exchange news an..MORE

Leisure / AIST Tokyo Waterfront

Programming Workshop: “Learn About Automotive Technology, Auto-brake Edition”<Venue: MEGA WEB> 

Control a vehicular robot with programming! Use ultrasonic sensors to formulate an auto-brake progra..MORE

Leisure / MEGA WEB

Automatic Braking & Intelligent Braking Support: Hands-on Experience<Venue: MEGA WEB> 

Toyota Safety Technology Experience Featuring: Toyota Safety Sense Automatic Braking and Intelligent..MORE

Leisure / MEGA WEB

Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria: An Ever Encroaching Reality<Venue: Miraikan> 

This event is an opportunity to analyse the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and engage with..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Dr Shirasu’s Mysterious Magic <Venue: Tokyo Water Science Museum> 

An exciting showcase of Dr Shirasu’s tools and water-borne toys! Play together and learn how t..MORE

Leisure / Tokyo Water Science Museum

Monday February 12th: Kendama Master, Yusuke Ito [Kendama Show & Workshop] <Venue: Tokyo Water Science Museum> 

Witness the artful technique of a kendama master and Guiness World Record holder. We look forward to..MORE

Leisure / Tokyo Water Science Museum

[Sunday February 25th 2018] Disaster Prevention Theatre <Venue: The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park> 

Disaster Prevention Theatre Watch this disaster prevention production, be surprised by the magic, le..MORE

Leisure / The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

WPI Science Symposium: The Future is Here – “There must be more we can do with science”<Venue: Miraikan> 

Space, earth, animals, plants: an assembly of researchers pursuing the cutting-edge of science. What..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Make and Play! [MESH™ Wakuwaku Workshop] Use Sony’s Programming Block [MESH] and Create!<Venue: Sony ExploraScience> 

MESH is a programming block that interfaces with applications. We proudly present a workshop event t..MORE

Leisure / Sony Explora Science

Find Love! Receive a Fortune!<Venue: AQUA CITY ODAIBA> 

For a limited time only, those who make a purchase in Aqua City and present a valid receipt will be ..MORE


46th Ariake Cancer Institute Hospital Support Group: Dealing with Cancer and Chemotherapy <Venue: The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR> 

Let’s think together about dealing with our feelings! Take the opportunity to have a cup of tea with..MORE

/ The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR

[Sunday February 18th 2018] Tai Chi Chuan <Venue: The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park> 

The martial art with with over 1 billion adherents returns to the Sona-area! Tai Chi Chuan can help ..MORE

Leisure / The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

Scientist Talk: Following the Thread along the Seafloor<Venue: Miraikan> 

There are many mysterious creatures living on the seabed that cannot be seen from above ground. What..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Scientist Talk: Can Developmental Disorders be Explained with DNA? – Inclusive Society Begins with Understanding<Venue: Miraikan> 

Within the fields of psychology and pedagogy, research into developmental disorders has progressed. ..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Waku Doki Workshop: What on Earth are Carbon Panels?<Venue: MEGA WEB> 

Using coasters, figure out how carbon panels are formed! Date: Saturday January 27th 2018 Time: 15:0..MORE

Leisure / MEGA WEB

TOWER TAG Arrives in Japan for the First Time! Free Hands-on Experience <Venue: DECKS Tokyo Beach> 

To commemorate the grand opening of TOWER TAG in Japan on the 9th February, at Decks Tokyo Beach, Se..MORE

/ DECKS Tokyo Beach

[New Attraction] Leading the way in VR eSports! Player vs Player Virtual Battle: VR Shooting Action – TOWER TAG <Venue: Tokyo Joypolis> 

Welcome to the VR Era! A PVP Battle: VR Shooting Action! A VR first for Tokyo Joypolis! It takes bra..MORE

Leisure / Tokyo Joypolis

Science Lecture: Discovering the Strange Mystery of Neutron Stars<Venue: Miraikan> 

There are many mysterious creatures living on the seabed that cannot be seen from above ground. What..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Roasting Journey: Coffee Roasting Workshop<Venue: Panasonic Center Tokyo> 

The brand-new coffee roasting machine, The Roast, was released in June of 2017. We welcome Masami Ar..MORE

Leisure / Panasonic Center Tokyo

Portrait Present<Venue: Tokyo Water Science Museum> 

Have your portrait drawn by Akimu Inoue, veteran illustrator with over 40 years experience! Date: Su..MORE

Leisure / Tokyo Water Science Museum

Tokyo Rinkai Tulip Festival 2018<Venue: Symbol Promenade Park> 

From the middle of March to mid-April, the Symbol Promenade Park will be home to over 20000 tulips i..MORE

Leisure / Symbol Promenade Park

[Special Experiment Workshop] A Message from Nobel Chemist: Making Conductive Plastic!<Venue: Miraikan> 
Period:2018-02-17(Sat), 2018-03-31(Sat)

This special workshop, delivered by Professor Shirakawa, aims to reveal the enjoyment and wonder of ..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Art Hack Day 2018<Venue: Miraikan> 
Period:2018-02-03(Sat)~2018-02-04(Sun), 2018-02-10(Sat)~2018-02-11(Sun), 2018-03-16(Fri)~2018-03-18(Sun)

Art Hack Day 2018 will showcase successful applicants including artists, engineers, and researchers,..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Clown Rio Performance Show<Venue: Tokyo Water Science Museum> 

This is an exciting mini circus where you can watch a wonderful juggling display with toys. Rio is s..MORE

Leisure / Tokyo Water Science Museum

Automatic Braking & Accidental Braking Support: Hands-on Experience<Venue: MEGA WEB> 

Toyota Safety Technology Experience Featuring: Toyota Safety Sense Automatic Braking and Intelligent..MORE

Leisure / MEGA WEB

Cutting Edge Creation Together! “Can a Robot Navigate a Crowd by Itself?”<Venue: Miraikan> 

Can a robot smoothly navigate to its destination through a place where people are coming and going? ..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

Cutting Edge Creation Together! [Tied Together by Sound: People and Environment, Can You Hear the “Voice” of Nature?]<Venue: Miraikan> 

Our daily lives are filled with sound. How carefully are you listening? What can we learn from obser..MORE

Leisure / Miraikan

LUMIX Introductory Lecture<Venue: Panasonic Center Tokyo> 

This lecture is aimed at first-time LUMIX camera users. This is an opportunity for guests to learn t..MORE

Leisure / Panasonic Center Tokyo

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